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DB Verification w/ PennDOT

DB Verification is a newly added step in the registration process with PennDOT that confirms active certifications with the state. Before you can register as a Business Partner with PennDOT, you must fill out a verification form (link below) and provide any necessary and acceptable proof of certification as requested on the document. Please note: If you are certified through PA UCP, you will not need to provide proof.

Once you’ve completed the form and submitted it to both the DB Supportive Services Center & PennDOT, you will receive a confirmation letter shortly after acknowledging your certified status and that you are ready to register with PennDOT. This is a mandatory form that must be completed before you can proceed to the next step. The form must be signed, scanned, and sent to the email listed on the document or can be mailed to:

Bureau of Equal Opportunity
P.O. Box 3251, Harrisburg, PA 17105

If you are emailing the form, please send a copy of it to our Center at

DB Verification Form

Intent to Subcontract  Statement