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DB Verification w/ PennDOT

The Diverse Business Participation Program is created by Act 89 and is used in administrating contracts for construction and professional services relating to transportation projects that are funded with 100% state funds. All DBs must be certified by a third-party certifying organization (view complete list here) and verified by PennDOT as a contractor or professional service.

As stated, there are two separate verification processes for Diverse Businesses (DB).

The first is Prequalification for Contractors. The prequalification packet has three parts. Part 3 is the process used to verify Diverse Business. All Prequalified Contractors (Prime or Sub) are required to be a registered Business Partner with PennDOT. This process for Prequalification is managed by the Bureau of Project Delivery. For more information about Doing Business with PennDOT go to PennDOT ECMS or contact the DB supportive Services Center.


The second DB verification process is specific to “Professional Services.”  This is for use in non-federally funded professional services contracts. The term Professional Services includes:

(1)  Design professional services as defined in 62 Pa.C.S. ยง 901 (relating to definitions).
(2)  Legal services.
(3)  Advertising or public relations services.
(4)  Accounting, auditing or actuarial services.
(5)  Security consultant services.
(6)  Computer and information technology services.
(7)  Insurance underwriting services.

The process for Professional Services is managed by the Bureau of Equal Opportunity. To be verified as a Diverse Business with PennDOT, complete the EO-386 and submit to PennDOT resource account or mailed to Bureau of Equal Opportunity P.O. Box 3251, Harrisburg, PA 17105.  For more information on being DB verification as a Professional Service contact DB Supportive Services Center or send your inquiry to the PennDOT resource account that is referenced above.

DB Verification Form

Intent to Subcontract  Statement