Cheyney University, Marcus Foster Student Union Bldg., 3rd Floor

Business Development Conference

The Supportive Services Centers Business Development Conference is a 2-day conference jointly developed by the DBE, SBE, and DB Supportive Services Centers of Cheyney University that offers small business owners workshops that are specific to the skill sets that our cohorts need or have expressed interest in as well as networking opportunities with other small firms and stakeholders.

They are typically held three times a year – one in the Pittsburgh area, one center state, and one in Philadelphia. Our conferences have featured various workshop topics that include:

Doing Business With [Local Entity, e.g. local transit company] 
OSHA 10/30
Team Building
Leadership Development
Qualifications Packages for Consultants
Pre-Qualification Packages for Contractors
Website Development/Maintenance

And more!

We also have a networking event derived from the conference called Getting Ready for Prime Time. These events are strictly for “ready-to-work” DBs – meaning they are certified and have a completed or approved qualifications or pre-qualifications package. This event allows DBs to meet with Prime contractors and consultants who are looking to work with DBs to fulfill their Good Faith Effort.

Check back here periodically for information on our next conference.